Year Established
300 +
75 +
Event Attendees
300 +
17 Years, 300+ Offices, 75 Countries

Combined Logistics Networks (CLN) is one of the most established and dynamic freight forwarding networks in the world that is already 17 years in operation. It is the home to the most reliable and quality independent international freight forwarders worldwide with global focus and local solutions Our specialties are to connect strong, independent freight forwarding and logistics outfits and unite you under one solid network. Currently, CLN has 300+ offices in 75+ countries worldwide. CLN is a global network of more than 300 independent international forwarders with global focus and local solutions.

Network Benefits
Only work with Trusted & Screened Members

When joining the group, companies that have applied have to undergo a screening process. The screening process will touch primarily on the applicant’s financial standing, length in operation, reputation in market, sales strength. The members are likewise subjected to standard Code of Ethics and Guidelines.

Immediate Global Network Coverage

39.29% - Asia
23.66% - Europe
14.73% - Americas
9.82% - Middle East Asia
6.72% - Pacific
5.80% - Africa

Meet Partners Face to Face

To build trust among partners you must meet them face to face, by saying this we make sure that the annual conference and meetings have to be attended by CLN members to ensure activeness of members within the organization. At CLN conferences, we provide the world to your hands.

Payment Security within the Network

We want to make sure that our members are paid for their effort and that all charges due within the organization are paid off on time. To address this issue, we promote the “CLN Safe Program” as a safety-net for our members. The concept is to:

  •  Pool member’s fund in a yearly basis
  • USD 5,000 is immediate payment security
  • Increase to USD 10,000 once you are 3 years with the network Increase to USD 20,000 for members that are 5 year and above with the network

By having such a program, we increase the confidence of members to work within our alliance rather than loose outfits. The insurance coverage is offered to our members upon approval of membership.

Security within the network= Peace of mind

Additional Profit Share - CLN Cargo Miles Program

We are the first network to offer additional profit share to its members through the CLN Cargo Miles Program. By having such program members are encourage to prioritize CLN agents for new business developments and new cargo nominations. We are the only network to have a 'CARGO MILES' program in place, where shipments within the network are rewarded with USD 10/container USD 0.1/kg - members can claim back their membership fees from the CLN - Terms apply.

Global Branding

CLN gives you the opportunity to sell the concept of being a part of a global network having potential of being bigger than any multinational competitor in current market. We equip you with specific tools and solutions wherein you will excel in sales and marketing.

  • Development of client targeted webpage
  • Preparation of complete brochure for targeting of global clients
  • Events and exhibition
  • CLN exclusive newsletter and studies
Shipco Transport - Exclusive Global LCL Consolidator

Shipco partners with the CLN to equip CLN members with a complete menu of wholesale LCL services worldwide. The partnership will allow individual members to access privileged LCL Rates from the extensive global Shipco service network and will contribute to greater competitiveness in winning business from shippers and consignees. Shipco is a neutral consolidator with strict branding guidelines that limit its service offerings on wholesale to forwarders only.

CLN Members Exclusive Information Environment

CLN build an exclusive information environment which we called “CLN Intranet”. This environment will provide access to exclusive information and system, to support security and business development amongst our members.