CLN is Now 10 Years Old - Homecoming Conference in Hong Kong a Success

Combined Logistics Networks has concluded its 10th Year Anniversary Conference with a success! Our 10th Annual Conference was held at the Langham Hotel in Hong Kong on March 11-15, 2012. More than 120 forwarders from around the globe came to join us celebrate 10 years of Global Partnership Networking and business development amongst our CLN community.
CLN Homecoming
Photo 1. Ai Matsushita and Joji Ebisawa of Alpha Kamino, Japan
Photo 2. Soeren May of ITG GmbH International Spedition, Germany receives a 5-Year Network Loyalty Award from Nils Walle, Director of RWSolutions Limited
Photo 3. Gold Sponsors Ashadul Alam Litu (left) and Rafiquz Zaman Sagar (right) of Concord Express, Bangladesh, with Joe Carbone (middle) of Magellan Logistics, Australia

The conference started with a Welcome Cocktail Reception on March 11, which was held at Spasso, a cozy Italian Restaurant with a nice view of the Hong Kong skyline. Delegates of our event had a good time reuniting with fellow members and meeting new friends during the reception.
CLN Homecoming - Cocktail
Photo 1. Our venue - Spasso, Italian Bar-Restaurant-Terrace
Photo 2. Pasi Kuusijarvi of Oy Hacklin Logistics, Finland and Christian Raeuber, Director of RWSolutions Limited
Photo 3. Steve Jin of JWL International Logistics, China, Kenneth Lee of Armada International, Malaysia, and Charles Mu of Yuexin Global Logistics, China

In the morning of March 12, CLN Director Nils Walle welcomed the delegates to our 10th year conference and gave an introductory speech about the network’s updates and development. He also introduced new members of the network and handed out loyalty awards to recognize those companies who have been with the network for 3 years, 5 years, 8 years, and 10 years.
CLN Homecoming Conference
Photo 1. Delegates listening to morning speech
Photo 2. New CLN Member Ken Slaveski of Megatop Cargo Pty Ltd, Australia introduces himself and company to CLN partners
Photo 3. Andrzej Szulc of Agroland Spedycja Miedzynarodowa, Poland receives an 8-Year Network Loyalty Award from Nils Walle, Director of RWSolutions Limited

Mark Millar, Industry Speaker, Chairman of M-Power Associates and Moderator at more than 140 Logistics and Supply Chain conferences in 16 countries, had given a speech about “’The Asia Era’ – Complex Dynamics in a Changing Landscape”. His keynote presentation discussed how the world spotlight is increasingly focused on the Asia market with multinational companies seeking alternative sources of growth, revenue and profits, as their businesses in the developed markets of North America and Europe are suffering due to economic and political challenges. Mr. Millar explained how companies are seeking to tap into the rising consumerism in Asia, which is not just one market but a region comprising many different markets, with a variety of supply chain and logistics challenges.
CLN Homecoming - Mark Millar
Mr. Mark Millar giving a keynote speech on "The Asia Era". His presentation may be downloaded by clicking the link above.

During the afternoon session of March 12 and the whole day of March 14, thousands of face-to-face meetings between delegates were scheduled through our inhouse meeting scheduler software - Face2Face Scheduler. CLN members and friends were given the opportunty to meet their agents to network and exchange cargo.
Face-to-face Meetings
Photo 1. Marco Song and Steve Jin of JWL International Logistics, China and Brian Weinberg of Pathfinder Logistics, USA
Photo 2. Soeren May of ITG GmbH International Spedition, Germany and Henry Tsz Shan Chung of ADL Express Ltd, Hong Kong
Photo 3. Gordon Bohnen of Calenberg Oversea Logistics, Germany and Sompoch Udomsri of Pinnacle Logistics, Thailand

A dinner night out at the Spasso Restaurant was also organized for everyone. More than a hundred delegates enjoyed a very sumptuous international buffet while catching up on the previous days' events and planning for the next ones.
CLN Homecoming Dinner
CLN Delegates at our Dinner Night Out

On March 13, CLN hosted a Special 10-Year Anniversary Outing, where we took three junk boats to Lamma Island. On our onward journey, we made a detour to Kwai Tsing Containers Terminals for the delegates to see one of the world's busiest cargo ports. At the Lamma Island, an authentic Hong Kong style seafood lunch had been prepared at Fu Kee Restaurant at Sok Kwu Wan. Afterwards, delegates were free to explore a different side of Hong Kong before heading back to the city.
CLN Homecoming - Junk Trip
Photo 1. Delegates waiting to board our junk boats at the TST Piers
Photo 2. On the junk - Marina Gorchakova of Skyfor, Russia, Rogier Hollestein of Nouveau Transport & Leasing B.V., Netherlands, Rafiquz Zaman Sagar of Concord Express, Bangladesh, David Stevens of Advantage Worldwide, United Kingdom, Joe Carbone of Magellan Logistics, Australia, and Nils Walle
Photo 3. View of Lamma Island behind Christian Raeuber and Gordon Bohnen of Calenberg Oversea Logistics, Germany

A city tour of the Hong Kong island was the last activity of the conference. The once simple fishing village of Hong Kong is now one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities where East meets West. During our tour, we visited famous landmarks such as Aberdeen, Stanley, Victoria Peak and Man Mo Temple to gain an insight on and experience the lifestyle of Hong Kong.
City Tout HKG
Group photo at The Peak and a view of the Hong Kong skyline by day.

Our venue, the Langham Hotel Hong Kong presents a refined European-style haven in the heart of the bustling Tsim Sha Tsui shopping and tourism district. With gracious charm and polished five star luxury, Langham Hotel is the only Hong Kong hotel that can claim the legendary heritage of the original grand hotel.
Langham TST

Thank you and congratulations to all CLN delegates who made our 10th Year Anniversary Conference a success! We are looking forward to seeing you again.



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CLN Homecoming

CLN Homecoming

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